COVID-19 Update

An Important Message to our Patients and Friends About the Coronavirus:

Our top priority is the health and well-being of our patients, families, staff and community. In this unprecedented time, we are deeply committed to keeping everyone safe.
We will be opening our office on Monday, May 11th. We will be seeing a limited number of patients initially. Our office will be making phone calls to contact patients, but you are free to call the office with any questions and concerns.
We wish all of you continued health and strength during this challenging time.
And please call us with any questions or concerns 409.838.3800
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Periodontics involves all treatment related to the health of the gum tissue and supporting bone. Some of the services in which we specialize include: We provide both surgical and nonsurgical treatment. Nonsurgical is the preferred and our initial treatment. We use...

Tooth Colored Fillings

At Southeast Texas Center for Dental Medicine, we provide tooth-colored fillings as part of our restorative dental services. Tooth-colored fillings are made from composite resins, which are safe, bio-compatible dental materials. This silicon dioxide-filled,...

General Dentistry

Our general dentists want to create magnificent smiles for our patients, but our goal for your oral health doesn’t stop with regular exams. A gorgeous grin won’t last unless you have healthy teeth and gums to support it. With preventive and general dental services, we...

Wisdom Teeth

At Southeast Texas Center for Dental Medicine, our general dentists can perform comfortable wisdom teeth removals for patients who are experiencing pain, teeth crowding, and other dental issues due to impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth. What are wisdom teeth?...

Root Canal Therapy

At our dental practice, we can treat your toothaches with comfortable, one-visit root canal therapy.

Family Dentistry

At our family dentistry practice, our associates have years of experience treating children and adults. We offer a variety of family dental services, including regular checkups, crowns and fillings, and teeth whitening. Our experienced and friendly team can take care of your family’s dental health.

Adult Braces

When many people think of orthodontic braces, they may believe they are only for the young as an unfortunate rite of passage. Though adults these days are more comfortable with wearing braces, they may not be comfortable with the thought of their braces being seen by...


Most people are familiar with the metal brackets and wires traditionally used for dental braces. However, a metal apparatus isn’t the only option for straightening teeth and bringing the bite into alignment. At Southeast Texas Center for Dental Medicine, we offer...


Many people believe only celebrities and super models can achieve flawless smiles. Invisalign clear braces enable our teen and adult patients to straighten their teeth without the metal-filled mouth, painful adjustments, and embarrassment associated with traditional braces.

Snap On Smile

We believe that everyone should have access to complete cosmetic dentistry. For those who need an affordable option for completely changing their smiles, we offer Snap-On Smile. At our cosmetic dentistry offices, we use Snap-On Smile as a temporary solution while we...

Restorative Dentistry

Decayed, broken, or missing teeth can undermine your oral health and hinder your confidence. Our Drs and our associates want our patients to achieve healthy smiles that look beautiful, function properly, and last a lifetime. That’s why our dental practices offer a...

Porcelain Veneers

Did you know that smiling can lower your blood pressure, decrease your stress levels, and boost your immune system? Not only does an impaired smile impact your appearance, but it can also affect your confidence, your ability to make social connections, and your...

Porcelain Crowns

At our restorative dental practices, we can repair your damaged tooth with a porcelain crown. A tooth that sustains serious trauma or has deep decay may need more than a tooth-colored filling. If that’s the case for your tooth, we will suggest restoring the tooth with...

Dental Implants

Southeast Texas Center for Dental Medicine offers tooth implants to replace your missing teeth. If you don’t replace your teeth, you face all kinds of complications with your diet and appearance.

Teeth Whitening

Brighter smiles.

Cosmetic Bonding

For patients seeking cosmetic repairs for their slightly flawed teeth, Dr. Duke & Dr. Latham offers cosmetic bonding, also called dental bonding. Cosmetic bonding is made up of composite resin—a biocompatible dental material—that’s color-matched to your natural...

Bruxism Sleep Medicine

Sleep bruxism is the medical term for clenching or grinding teeth during sleep. This type of movement disorder occurs during sleep is a common among adults, adolescents and children. 60% of all bruxism cases are related to underlying airway issues including sleep...

TMJ and Facial Pain Therapy

Many patients have some mild to moderate level of facial pain, whether it is from headaches, migraines, stress, occlusion or TMJ dysfunction.  We successfully treat orofacial pain, headaches, and TMJ syndrome.  These are non-surgical, reversible, and...

Dermal Fillers

If you are looking for a non- surgical face lift or you just want to smooth out a few fine lines or fill in deep set wrinkles, injectables are for you. Millions of people use dermal fillers to achieve a more relaxed and smooth facial appearance while still having the...


Botox is a trade name for botulinum toxin, which comes in the form of a purified protein. The most common uses for Botox is smoothing of the facial wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyes (glabellar region) and around the corners of the eyes (crow’s...

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an environment for optimal oral health. We are committed to creating health rather than reacting to the crippling effects of oral disease. All who serve here are dedicated to developing a relationship with you based on your values, needs and desires. We trust that through individualized dentistry, we will improve your life.