For patients seeking cosmetic repairs for their slightly flawed teeth, Dr. Duke & Dr. Latham offers cosmetic bonding, also called dental bonding. Cosmetic bonding is made up of composite resin—a biocompatible dental material—that’s color-matched to your natural enamel.

Cosmetic bonding is an excellent solution for patients seeking repairs for minor tooth flaws. Bonding is durable and strong, and lasts for many years. At our dental practice, we can use cosmetic bonding to make teeth look longer and more uniform as well as create protections against exposed tooth roots. We also use dental bonding to fix teeth that are:

  • Decayed
  • Chipped
  • Crooked
  • Broken
  • Misshapen
  • Gapped
  • Cracked
  • Discolored

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

Patients seeking dental bonding treatments will find many advantages of this simple cosmetic procedures. Some of these advantages include:

  • The cosmetic bonding process is easy to complete, and usually only takes one appointment.
  • Dental bonding is very affordable and may be a better option for patients who have minor smiles flaws. (If your smile is too damaged to benefit from cosmetic bonding, consider porcelain veneers or a smile makeover.)
  • Anesthesia isn’t usually needed for cosmetic bonding procedures.
  • Very little, if any enamel needs to be removed for the dental bonding process.

While cosmetic bonding has many benefits, there are few other considerations. For example, if you’ve been thinking about getting your teeth whitened, it’s better to do that process first so that bonding can be properly match to your whiter enamel. Bonding will not discolor as your natural tooth enamel does, so touch-up teeth whitening may be required to keep your natural teeth the same shade as the bonded area. Cosmetically bonded teeth can be brushed and flossed the same as your other teeth. However, bonding can chip so it’s wise to avoid activities such as chewing your nails or eating extremely hard foods. Bonding can last for years, but eventually it may need to be replaced or touched up.

Tooth Flaws Corrected in Just One Appointment

Our cosmetic dentists can apply the putty-like composite resin, shaded to blend with your tooth’s color, to rebuild a pleasing shape to your tooth. After hardening the resin with a curing light, we’ll artistically sculpt and polish the restoration. Cosmetic bonding can be a viable, affordable alternative to porcelain veneers or other cosmetic dentistry procedures. In just one visit to our cosmetic dental practice, you can enjoy a beautiful new smile!